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Top 10 Best Credit Unions in London and Other UK Cities | Brief Comparison

Top 10 Best Credit Unions in London and Other UK Cities | Brief Comparison

 UK Credit Unions

 Highlighted Features

 Crownsavers Credit Union

 University Loans

 Greenwich & Bexley Credit Union

 Free Life Insurance

 Lewisham + Bromley Credit Union


 London Capital Credit Union

 Homeowner Loans

 London Community Credit Union  (LCCU)

 Flexi Credit

 London Mutual Credit Union

 Mobile App

 London Plus Credit Union

 Budget accounts

 National Fire Savers Credit Union

 Competitive Dividends

 North London Credit Union

 Savers' Benefits

 Pentecostal Credit Union (PCU)

 Membership Referral Program

Table: Top 10 Best Credit Unions in London and Other UK Cities | Above list is sorted alphabetically

Lauren on loans

PCU’s Business and Loans Administrator.

“I’ve worked at PCU for nearly four years now and, last year, I was promoted to my current role. I process loan applications and I’m responsible for member communications.

“What I love about working at PCU is that no two days are the same. But what really gives me job satisfaction is that we help people – sometimes in desperate situations.

People do rely on us and it’s really nice to be able to say yes, especially at this time of year.

my Nan will be coming down from Herne Bay and spending the week with us, so we’re planning a big family Christmas. But a big family Christmas can be expensive and it’s really tempting to spend more money than you’ve actually got. I find it best to make a spending plan or budget and stick to it.

Christmas loans

“To really make Christmas more affordable, why not spread the cost of the festivities by taking out a low- cost loan from the Credit Union? This lets you spread the repayments over the year, so that the loan is repaid before next Christmas.

“Last year, one member borrowed

£1,000 at £92 a month. By the following year she had repaid the

£1,100 she owed. But because she opted to put £100 into her account each month, the extra £8 went towards her savings.

“By the end of the year, her savings had grown. She was so happy with this arrangement – because it took

away the stress of worrying about how she was going to afford Christmas – that she has just applied to the same this year.

Consolidation loans

“After Christmas can also be a worry, if you’ve spent more than you meant to

– especially if you’ve paid with credit or store cards. If that happens to you, why not take out a low-cost PCU loan to consolidate your borrowing? Then you can save money by repaying the balance at a cheaper rate of interest.

“Christmas doesn’t have to be stressful financially. We’re here to help!

“Have a great Christmas and a fabulously Prosperous New Year.”

With best wishes, Lauren


The Pentecostal Credit Union quarterly newsletter for December 2016

ClickDownload newsletter for December 2016 (796.6kb)




We aim to offer our members high quality and value for money services. We can only do this with your help. If we have let you down, please tell us.

We aim to deal with your complaint as thoroughly and as quickly as possible. If your complaint cannot be resolved immediately, we will tell you when you can expect a response.

We will provide you with a copy of our internal complaints procedure on request.


If you have a complaint, it can be made in writing by letter or email, or verbally in person or over the phone, to an employee, volunteer or director of PCU.

To make a complaint, please call us on 0208 673 2542 or send us an e-mail at or write to:

The Complaints Officer

The Pentecostal Credit Union

15 Oldridge Road


SW12 8PL


In some cases, if you make a verbal complaint we may ask you to follow up the verbal complaint in writing, to ensure that the correct information is received and properly investigated.

Whichever method you use to contact us, please do ensure you provide the following information.

· Name, address, and contact details

· Substance and type of complaint

· The problem (including what has happened, when it happened, and the background to the problem if you think it is relevant)

· what you have done to try and sort it out, and

· what you want us to do to put things right


1st Stage: Within 3 working days

We aim to resolve complaints to your satisfaction by the close of business on the 3rd working day after the day on which the complaint was recorded.

2nd Stage: Within 7 working days

If the complaint cannot be resolved at the first stage, an interim update will be sent to you within 7 working days of the date of recording the complaint.

3rd Stage: Within 8 weeks

After sending an interim update, we will investigate the complaint further and respond fully within 8 weeks. If the complaint cannot be resolved within 8 weeks of the date of the formal complaint, we will send you an interim response which explains the delay, and notify you of when a final response can be expected.

Financial Ombudsman Service

If you remain dissatisfied at the completion of our internal complaint-handling procedure and receipt of a final response from us, you may refer your complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service. The Financial Ombudsman Service have statutory powers to help settle disputes between financial providers and their customers in the UK. If you decide to use the Ombudsman service, you must do this within six months of receiving our final response letter. PCU undertakes to co-operate with any investigation undertaken by the Financial Ombudsman Service. You can contact the Financial Ombudsman Service as follows:

The Financial Ombudsman Service
Exchange Tower
London E14 9SR

Phone: 0800 023 4567

0300 123 9123

Text: 07860 027 586





With a recent BBC news report finding that 16million people in the UK have savings of just £100 or less, the decision by a credit union to harness the power of music to encourage young people to become more money wise and less susceptible to the temptations to spend money on things they don't need is a timely one.

PCU-Money, the Shadow Youth Board of the Pentecostal Credit Union, one of the UK's largest credit unions, released music video Gimme Dat today, on Friday 7th October.

The song, Gimme Dat by PCU-Money ft Tneek seeks to highlight the materialism and enticement to spend money promoted by our consumer society, and tell young people that they need to be more money wise and save instead of spend. Please follow this link to the video

GimmeDat by PCU-Money ft. Tneek #gimmedat #pcuuk


Tneek is an up and coming female rapper who's performed alongside artists such as Wretch 32, Chip and Artcha.

She said, It was great to work on this project and let young people know it's a good thing to be money wise. There's so much temptation for young people to spend - whether it's to copy the lifestyles of celebrities like Kim Khardashian or to buy things that they don't need to live up to a fashionable image. Gimme Dat, brings these issues to the fore and calls on young people to give careful consideration to how they spend their cash.


The Gimme Dat video was filmed on the streets of Balham and Brixton and features Tneek and the members of the Youth Shadow Board who are aged between 11-18 years.

The Youth Shadow Board hope that Gimme Dat starts a conversation amongst young people about money matters and help them become more money wise.

Shane Bowes, CEO of the PCU stated We don't want young people to fall into the trap of not being financially aware, especially following the BBC report stating that millions of adults have little or no savings. We have to help our youth plan for their financial future, that's why PCU have supported our Youth Shadow Board's Gimme Dat initiative.

They are using music to send a much needed message that its important for young people to increase their financial awareness, become money wise and save their money for their future.

The release of Gimme Dat will be accompanied by money talks at youth gatherings in London and the Midlands.


GimmeDat by PCU-Money featuring Tneek

GimmeDat by PCU-Money featuring Tneek

Thy Kingdom Come 2017

ClickDownload Thy Kingdom Come 2017 (780.6kb)


‘Thy Kingdom Come – Praying Together at Pentecost 2017’

Jesus invites all his followers to pray in His name to the Father confidently and expectantly. In the power of the Holy Spirit we pray together as one family. All Christians share this gift of the Lord’s Prayer. When we pray ‘Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done’ we long for Christ’s transforming love to bring hope and joy to all.

Earlier this year many of the churches in England took up the invitation of the Archbishops of Canterbury and York to set aside the days leading up to Pentecost Sunday to pray for the renewing and empowering presence of the Holy Spirit to make Christ real in our midst, for the flourishing of all. As Presidents of Churches Together in England we are delighted to join together to extend this invitation to all the churches in England to participate in this movement of prayer in 2017.

We want to encourage our brothers and sisters in churches of all traditions to partner in praying ‘Thy Kingdom Come’ in the days leading up to Pentecost, from 25 May - 4 June, 2017. There is no prescription about how we should pray; we hope each church will participate in a way that is authentic to them and where possible to engage in this with their partner churches in their area.

The aim is simple and threefold

- To join with the whole family of God the Father

- To pray for the empowering of God the Holy Spirit

- That we may be effective witnesses to God the Son Jesus Christ

As Presidents, we will be writing to our churches and congregations to encourage them to share this aim and to take part in this movement. We pray to the Father that his family, called to be one in Jesus Christ, may see the outpouring of the Holy Spirit to transform many lives and communities in our land.

NLA Supplementary School

PCU Shares Newsletter June 2016


Membership Referral Program

Membership Referral Program

The Pentecostal Credit Union (PCU) is happy to announce the launch of its Member referral programme. If you have a family member, friend or colleague that practises the Pentecostal Faith, why not consider the rewards of making a referral?

For every five new members that join PCU through your referral we will credit £50 to your PCU share account.

So, if you’re happy with PCU, want other to benefit from membership, and want to earn yourself £50.00 then spread the word!!!



Is your church interested in helping people


Is your church interested in helping people


Improve awareness of financial matters?

Get out of debt?

Budget their money better?

Understand the value of financial planning and saving?

Get access to inexpensive and easy to pay loans?


Then you need to contact the Pentecostal Credit Union (PCU)

and be part of the PCU ROADSHOW which will run from June 1 until October 30.

We would like to visit church congregations, women's groups, men's groups, and youth groups to talk about money matters to help people manage their money better.

And if you are hosting an event - whether it's a conference, convention, ministry breakfasts or just a normal Sunday service -

the PCU would welcome the opportunity to visit and give a talk about faith based financial issues.

The PCU is Britain's largest Christian owned credit Union and was founded in 1980 to provide financial services for Pentecostal church goers.

The PCU are committed to helping faith communities manage their money better as well as provide a range of financial services.

We are more than happy to come to where you are to deliver our financial workshops and in the process help add to the financial knowledge of your congregation.

For more information and to book a date call Elaine Bowes

on 0203 793 5769 or mailto email;         

for more information


PCU Shares

ClickDownload PCU Shares (415.6kb)

Compliments & Thank you notes from members

As a new member to this Credit Union I am thoroughly impressed with the efficient and professional way my application was handled. My Wife spoke with Lauren and said how pleasant and friendly she was. I am a member of another Credit Union as part of my employment. However, PC Credit Union is by far a better one. We have recommended this Credit Union to our friends and I believe one of them has now joined.

Thank you Pentecostal Credit Union for all your help.

An excellent Credit Union that understands faith and finance.


Dear Lauren,

Thank you so much for the speedy and efficient way you sorted out this loan. I received it in my account today and was able to make a final payment on my home repairs. It took one week from start to finish without any red tape or difficulties.

I can't say thank you enough for your help at every step of the way. I will be recommending the Pentecostal Credit Union very highly to my friends and family members not just for loans but for saving as well.

Blessings, from an extremely happy customer

A Time to Speak Out

Out Now – ‘’A Time to Speak Out: The Bible, the Church and Victims of Domestic Violence and Abuse, by Pastor Windsor Queensborough of Zion City Tabernacle Church in the W. Midlands. A book ‘’to awaken the ears and stir the voice of our churches. In opening our ears we are also releasing victims to speak. No more being hushed, no more struggling in secret, no more silent tears....’’





Dear Members


It’s that time of the year again - the long summer school holidays, and you’re thinking about tuition fees and the cost of new uniforms. The Pentecostal Credit Union can help. We have established an Education Loan Fund for our members whose children are in school or college/university

As an example, for the cost of 192 per month, you can have a loan of £3,000 over 18 months to pay for new school uniforms; for £327 per month you can have a loan of £10,000 over 3 years to pay for school/college tuition fees. Whatever the need the PCU Education Loan Fund is here to help. If you think this could be for you, please call Shane on 0208 673 2542 where he will be only too pleased to discuss your needs and develop a tailor made package for you.

35th anniversary celebration messages

This is a brief note to thank you for the most enjoyable evening on Saturday 6th June, I would also thank the Board of directors(TPCU) , Mr & Mrs Jones for the tireless work and contribution for over thirty five years to make The Pentecostal Credit Union what it is today, despite the challenges. May their lives be spared to see the continued success of the Credit Union. My guests and myself enjoyed the event immensely. Many thanks to the other members of the organising team a job well done.



I just want to congratulate you on the PCU’s 35th anniversary event. It was excellent. The hall was beautiful, the food was delicious, the speeches inspiring, uplifting and informative, and the entertainment first class....I hope you make this an annual thing. You and your team should feel proud of yourselves .....


Full congratulations to you and your team for the tremendous occasion and the opportunity to contribute to such


Thank you for Saturday night. The Gala Dinner was very enjoyable! Well done


May I congratulate all that were involved in planning this event, well done to you all, everything was perfect. Do it again!


It was a wonderful evening. It was excellent from start to the end. May God bless you all and the many lives the PCU has blessed

It was a lovely event and congratulations on organising your 1st first event of this nature. I’m sure you had fun.


What a brilliant night..... Well done to you and your team.


Thank you note

To Lauren and Shane at PCU.

I wanted to thank you so much for your help and assistance in obtaining a Loan from PCU well in time for christmas and the new year. I had been praying for help to put closure to some old bills that have been hanging around for a few years and were to big to clear independantly. With the help that you have given me I was able to close all those old bills and now have a smaller much more manageable monthly payment.


Thank you so much for all your help and advise re savings also. I want to wish you all at PCU a merry christmas and a very prosperous new year. God bless you.

Thank You Note

Dear Lauren and Shane

I want to express my gratitude for you both processing my loan application so speedily and for all the advice that you gave to me.

Words will not be able to describe the relief that I felt when I was able to address my situation and not end up in arrears.

Thank you very much.

I hope you both have a beautiful day.

Thank you.

Have you got news for Us?

Send us your news and views so that we can keep our news current and up-to-date. If you have any other queries or comments we would be delighted to hear from you at any time.

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